The ochre quarry is now covered by an enchanting forest, and a stroll through it is a must. It's a 1.5-hectare heritage park with paths for strolling, resting on a bench or in a hammock.

Perhaps you'll spot a pair of roe deer or their fawn. The hedges that delimit the park are planted with dead branches, thorns and bushes to shelter the hedgehogs.

It'sa wild park with ancient cherry & apple trees, a mirabelle tree, a quince tree, oaks, chestnuts, hazelnuts, boxwood and hundred-year-old pines. We plant new trees every autumn to replace aging fruit trees. There's also a meadow of wild grasses, dandelions & daisies, and the mossy tennis court hosts shows and concerts in summer! Blue tits and green woodpeckers whistle by day, and in spring and November the migration of cranes crosses the sky just above our heads.