To enhance your stay at Domaine de l'Ocrerie and spend a pleasant early evening,

we offer several tasting packages for groups of 2 or more,

upon reservation and subject to availability!

Wine tasting 2h

Tasting wines from our wine-growing regions, Burgundy and the neighboring Centre Val de Loire.

In the friendly, cosy atmosphere of a cosy salon or the Parc de l'Ocrerie. From 5pm to 7pm, the tasting will include 7 or 8 wines, savory accompaniments, tasting notes and a folder containing maps and information on the wines and the wine-growing region.

These tastings will be led either by a local winemaker, or by an expert in wine tourism, ex-sommelier & organizer of tastings in France, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

During the wine tasting, you'll learn in a fun way: the principles of sensory analysis, the specificities of the different appellations that make up the vineyards, the wine-making techniques used by the winemakers, the basics of food & wine pairing, the possibility of ordering the wines tasted (minimum order 6 per type tasted)

Prices 2 people 200€; 3 people 240€; 4 people 280€; 5 people 300€; 6 people 300€.

Beer tasting

Respect for the environment is the spearhead of Fayyar, which uses organic raw materials and sources its supplies locally! Once a month, Fayyar organizes an event: you come with your bags and leave with your spent grain to make flour or feed your animals. Since the best waste is the waste we don't create, Fayyar works to produce as little as possible. That's why we use stainless steel kegs that can be reused over and over again, washed with enzymes before each filling.

Beer tasting with brewers Simon and Romain:

Guided explanation of their range of beers
Steps in the craft beer production process
Complimentary beer glass
Duration 1h30 and 5 beers to taste, with the option of buying beers in packs of 6.

Prices 2 people €100; 3 people €135; 4 people €160; 5 people €175; 6 people €180.