On reservation and subject to practitioner availability:

Session in your room or the park in summer, on massage table, chair or floor mat. Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Payment by cheque or cash directly to the practitioner.

Californian massage aims both at relaxation and the awakening of mind-body awareness. Long, slow, fluid strokes promote deep physical and mental relaxation. Starting with gentle, enveloping and relaxing effleurages, the maneuvers follow one another and intensify to promote inner well-being:

1h > 100€/pers and 180€ for 2 people on massage table.

Swedish massage : A dynamic approach to eliminating tension and strengthening muscles and joints. Its toning and relaxing effect promotes blood and lymph circulation and the elimination of toxins, helping the body to regain its natural balance:

1h > 100€/pers and 180€ for 2 people on massage table.

Korean relaxation halfway between massage and relaxation. Vibratory movements, inner feelings: the waves produced by this massage make you aware of tensions and pains. Let your mind perceive them, let your body speak to you (contraindicated for pregnant women):
1h > 80€ on tatami

Foot reflexology: This relaxing practice releases tension in the body, restoring natural balance and facilitating the self-healing process. Contraindications: sprains, fractures, fever, infectious diseases, burns, recent surgery, cardiovascular disorders, phlebitis, epilepsy, pregnancy.

1H > 60€ on massage or relaxation table

Seated amma an energetic approach to eliminating blockages and tension through pressure, percussion, vibration, tapping and effleurage of the back, shoulders, neck, skull, arms and hands. Contraindications: skin infections, wounds, cardiovascular disorders, hernias, implants, pregnancy, injury, diabetes:

30mn > 50€ on ergonomic chair